Autumn moodboard

Though I’m back in Australia for a few weeks, it’s more than time to start getting ready for the Parisian autumn waiting for me when I get back…

And you know what, the weather here is currently quite similar to what I’m to expect back in Paris: grey, windy and rainy. So I can start right now!

So without further ado, this is what I’m feeling for this season:


Images not my own, composition by me.

My cooler weather wardrobes are always based on some basic neutrals. I try to balance warm and cold with beige + tan (warm) and black + grey (cold).

In the past years I’ve struggled to add color to my winter wardrobe so I’m going to ease into it this fall with beautiful pale pinks and lighter blues.

My capsule wardrobe is almost complete, and I’ll be back in a few days with a piece-by-piece. Since the blues are already a big part of my summer attire, I just need to pick up some pinks. I’ve been eyeing some cute clothes from Zara, including a mid-calf pink felt coat and a light pink chevron suede dress, which I’ll be adding to the capsule this year!


Any thoughts?

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